Meh’s products are sourced and made in Portugal using sustainable materials and ethical factories. We work with suppliers and partners that share our values of quality and sustainability.

Meh textile


Tencel – Lyocell

Meh’s shirts are made of 100% Tencel Lyocell fabric.

Lyocell is a soft, breathable and lightweight fabric with a smooth touch and a good drape.

Tencel is a manmade cellulose fiber of botanical origin. It is made from dissolving cellulose or wood pulp using an innovative spinning process with a high resource efficiency and low ecological impact. Tencel fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable.


We only use
natural buttons.

Corozo buttons are biodegradable.
Corozo buttons are made from the Corozo (or Tagua) nut. Corozo is made of very tightly wound organic fibers which give the buttons excellent durability and scratch resistance.

Wood buttons are 100% made from wood that is cut, carved and polished into buttons.
There are no additives or varnishes added, just plain simple wood.

Meh textile